I am a Mom, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Colleague, and so many other roles in life, and the one thing that is weaved through all of my experiences in this life, is one true love, a love that was sparked when I felt the paper thin flesh break through my fingers and the rustic aroma fill the area, yes garlic is my Muse, a plate my canvas, and cooking is my one true love.  I am Della. Welcome to my site.

I am not a trained chef, in fact, I have no formal culinary training.  My Italian grandmother put a wooden spoon in my hand before a bottle, and cooking, the craft of mixing flavors as an artist blends their oils, flows through my veins.  They say, memory is best recalled from one sense, and that sense is smell.  This may be the reason I am so compelled to create culinary experiences every night for my family, by doing so, I am somehow bringing the old world back to the new, reliving the experiences of my grandmother and aunts as the garlic sizzles in olive oil or the peppers char in the broiler, only this time it is my kitchen with my children present so they too may be able to recall this memory one day, and that my friends is the past and present, living on the future.  Some may call it culture, so may call it tradition, I call it spirit, and I feel its love. 

So join my on this adventure, and welcome to my kitchen.  May we raise our glasses and toast to those that have come and gone, and awaken them with scents of sweet  basil, parsley, garlic, thyme, and all the wonderful ingredients of life.  From time to time, Nan, Aunt Josie, or Aunt Louise may visit with their styles and techniques, and maybe if you choose to try one of my creations in your own kitchen, you may catch a glimpse of an old Italian woman gracing your table.  Salute!

Published on March 31, 2009 at 2:04 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. So happy you are sharing your talents with the world:)
    This will be fun!

  2. Thank you Calliope! It is addicting already! I am loving this! So funny, hear I am so busy creating my blog about cooking and dinners, I forgot to get it started for tonight!

    • And yet it will be delicious, I am sure. As always. Now excuse me, I need to go make hamburger helper.

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